Boat Tours

All inc.Boat - EVERYDAY

all inclusive boat trip

♦ Marmaris has many bays and islands and it makes this beautiful town suitable for a lovely boat cruise all day long.Boat trips are very popular during hot summer days.Nice breeze,cool mediterrean water beautiful scenery and fresh air makes you feel like you are in paradise. ♦ This tour is a full day organization. ♦ All inclusive boat trip starts at 10.30 and finish around 16.30 afternoon. ♦ Boat stops at several bays for swim breaks usually 30 minutes long.You can get in to the water through steps at rear side    or jump off the boat and you can wash yourself with fresh water after you swim. ♦ Sunbed are available on upper deck so you can have sunbath during the day or sit on tables on the lower deck. ♦ Break at Turunç village where you can walk around and have wonderful time is one and half hour long. ♦ Boat trip is all inclusive service so you dont need to pay for drinks and lunch.All day long you can have free drinks from the bar.Free drinks are beer,wine,cola ,fanta,sprite,water,tea and coffee.There is no limit. ♦ Lunch is chicken gril,pasta,and salad and it s included. ♦ Boat finish at 16.30 with a drop  off service back to your hotel. WHATS İNCLUDED  :  Transfer from hotel,soft drinks( cola,fanta,sprite, water, tea , coffee ) on the boat,lunch,guide,insurance,drop offWHATS EXTRA   : snacks on the boat (chips, cream,chocalete) import drinksWHAT TO BRİNG : Towel,sun cream,snorkel,camera

Child: 22.50 TL Adult: 70.00 TL
Cleopatra Island-EVERYDAY

Cleopatra Island

Cleopatra island and its beach is a special place near Marmaris.The sand at the beach is unique and different than the other sand you have seen before.According to legend it was brought here by Roman Emperor Marc Anthony for his lover Cleopatra from North Africa.On the island you can ruins of ancient city of Cedrai.     ♦30 minutes drive to the boat through countryside among pine and orange trees    ♦Photo break on the old of Marmaris between eucalyptus trees    ♦Sail to Kleopatra island and 2 hours break on the island(swim break and ancient city visit)    ♦Lunch on the boat ( pasta,salad and grilled chicken)    ♦Several breaks at different bays - Blue lagoon,Rabbit island,underwater caves     ♦Sunbeds for every passenger    ♦Drop off hotel around 18.30

Child: 30.00 TL Adult: 60.00 TL
Aegean islands - EVERYDAY

Aegean islands-all inclusive

TOUR DAYS: EVERYDAYTOUR TİME : 10.30-16.30Marmaris is situated on the south westernmost tip of Turkey and has bays on two seas; Mediterrean and Aegean sea. This tour offers you virgin bays, unspoiled places on the other side of the peninsula.Tour starts with a free transfer from your hotel and after 20 minutes drive you can arrive boat.Boat has double decks, sunbeds are on upper deck and tables and shade on the lower deck, clean toilets, shower and a free drink bar available.     ♦Swim at Aquarium bay, Love island, Shallow Harbour Bay, Kamelya island,Kızkumu Bay     ♦Crystal color clean water of Aegean sea, peaceful atmosphere .     ♦Start at 10.30 finish at 16.30.Free transfer from hotel     ♦Free drink all day long ( beer, wine, cola ,fanta, sprite, water, tea, coffee)     ♦Lunch is in the price (pasta, salad, chicken grill)      ♦Drop off after boat trip

Child: 30.00 TL Adult: 90.00 TL
Dalyan Tour - EVERYDAY

Turtle beach-Dalyan River

Dalyan river and Turtle beach is two and half hour away from Marmaris by double deck large boat.While you are sailing to Dalyan from Marmaris you can enjoy shining sun, lying on the sunbed on the upper deck of the boat. As soon as boat set sail you can enjoy your free drinks from the bar. In this tour drinks on the large boat and lunch included. ♦Dalyan tour starts with a transfer from your hotel to boat in the marina at 8.00.After everybody arrives, boat set sail to Dalyan  at 8.30. ♦You can have your sunbed on upper deck and enjoy sunshine or you can sit lower deck in the shade. Our boat is new brand a modern boat with all facilities. you will have chance to view beautiful Marmaris and Aegean coastline from boat. ♦There is one swim break on the way around Dolphin island, if you are lucky you may see dolphins. ♦Lunch is served on the boat when it arrives Turtle beach .Lunch is pasta, salad and grilled chicken and its included. ♦After lunch small panoramic wooden boats will take customers from the boat to the Turtle Beach. Every boat carries 40 guests and you are supposed to pay for your drinks on these small boats.Turtle Beach is 6km long, finely sandy ,a protected area for loggerhead turtles. You can swim or stroll at the beach for two hours before you set sail again to Mud bath. ♦Sail to Mud bath in river.During the sail among the reeds in the river , take nice photos and stop for a break in front of Rock cut King Tombs. Arrive to Mud bath complex, cover your body with mud here ,stay under sun ,get dry and get younger …after you clean mud from your body ,you get in to hot thermal bath .Entrance fees to Turtle beach and mud bath will be pay by our company. ♦After mud bath catch your  boat again to go back to your main big boat and sail back to Marmaris. Arrive Marmaris around 19.30. ♦Drop off service to your hotel WHATS INCLUDED:  Lunch on the big boat, entrance fees to mud bath and Turtle beach, transfer from hotel to boat and drop off, insurance and guidingWHATS EXTRA :  Snacks on the boat (ice cream,chocolate,toasties…),dvd,photos 

Child: 35.00 TL Adult: 80.00 TL

Adventure Tours

Jeep safari-EVERYDAY

Jeep safari - EVERYDAY

This tour will be highlight of your holiday.FUN GUARANTEE !!Amazing scenery over the mountains,professional drivers,funny guides and photographers like action man.if you want to have a unforgettable day , you must join this tour.Definately recommended !!Jeep safari starts with a free transport from your hotel and when all the guests are ready ,you fasten your seat belts and start enjoying your day. Every jeep's capacity is 12 people.Frankly speaking,expect to get soaking wet and feel like a kid again during waterfight with the biggest waterpistols you have ever seen.if you dont like getting soaked,then this trip doesnt suit you as nobody can escape this.You can hire a watergun and start waterfight with the jeep around which is really fun.Do not forget to bring dry clothes because you may need to change  after waterfight.Jesus beach will be another stop where you can buy some drink ,walk around or walk on the sea.yes Walk on the sea.Jesus beach is miracle place where you can walk on into the can swim in this beautiful place before you keep driving.Waterfall is very tiny but pretty cold river where you can get in if you are brave enough.İt s in forest where you can feel pure oxygen and fresh air.Real paradise !Lunch will be served in local restaurant which is among the trees,it s included with price .Drinks are extra pay for..Do not forget take your sun glasses with you as it will be dusty and wet .. WHAT TO TAKE 

Child: 20.00 TL Adult: 45.00 TL
Go karting marmariS-EVERYDAY

Go karting marmaris

Do you want to do something that is fun and exciting for all the family and for all ages.(7 to 77)!Race with your familly to the others. No need to have licence. All new Karts-Safety and excitement guaranteed.You can do it anytime and its only 15 minutes away from the Marmaris center.Marmaris & Icmeler Go Kart one race is 25 laps (5 laps extra) you can race eachother and can go fast as much as you can.Tour Day : Every dayPick up time : Anytime every hoursPrice Included : Transportation, full insurance , guideExtras : Beverages, photography, dvdBring along : Camera , sunscreen , hat

Adult: 45.00 TL
Scuba diving-EVERYDAY

scuba diving

Warm waters and over 10 kilometres of spectacular coastline make Marmaris a popular resort for both amateur and professional divers, the whole summer season.Elf Tour organizes diving tours everyday and no previous experience necessary to try.There are professional teachers to teach you how to dive and guide you all day long.Diving tour starts at 10 in the morning and finish about 17pm in the afternoon.First of all our double deck diving boat set off from marina and sail to the first diving point.on the way all teachers will give information about what to do and  about equipments.World under water is very quiet,colorful and will keep telling about it to your friends many will be faboulous day.its very easy even you dont need to know how to swim.Excursion fee covers pick up and drop back to hotel,insurance,two dives,lunch and all necessary equipments to dive.İts avaible everyday..

Adult: 85.00 TL


Are you feeling adventurous? If yes, here is a great adrenalin pumping day tour for you! RAFTING. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, mountain roads and an excellent picnic lunch on the side of the river.This excursion is sooo much fun. All the guides are experienced and equipment are the best.– Children above 12 year old are allowed under adult supervision.– Those with a weak heart or those that are pregnant are strongly advised against this activity.We will pick you up from your hotel in the morning. So be sure to be fit and ready. After an hour and a half drive, we will arrive to the raft center in the village of Akkopru near Dalaman river.Here you will watch a video of what is waiting for you during the day.Once everyone gets their gear and gets geared up, off we go on a bus that will take us to the top of the Dalaman River. This is a very nice, scenic bus ride among the pine forests. Little villages, traditionally dressed Turkish people, donkeys and sheep.When we get to the startpoint, guides will give instructions about how to raft (easy ), safety issues and teach you all you need to know. Then we will set up teams of 6 people. We will hop in the rafts and start paddling down the river. First part of the river is very calm so it is good time topractice. Later rapids gets wilder and more fun. Some parts of the river is calm again, so it gives you time to rest and relax. But in one word, scenery is breathtaking.  The end of the day is calm and easy again so time for swimming, sliding and more fun.Lunch is ready back at the finish line where you can relax and enjoy the video of your days rafting experience!!What to bring– a T-shirt to wear under your life-jacket– Shorts/bathing suits– Sun screen– comfortable shoes that can be warn in the water (No flip-flops or slip-ons)– Dry clothes for the end of the trip.– Pocket change for beverages, DVD etc.All  life-jackets and helmets are approved. Spray jackets when required, self balling rafts, comprehensive first aid kits and outdoor sports insurance cover are provided.

Child: 60.00 TL Adult: 110.00 TL


Cabaret show

Cabaret show

Cabaret night show Marmaris is fabulous International spectacular comedy variety show is brought to you from England.If you are looking for a night of fun for all the family with the biggest thing to hit Marmaris and Içmeler this millenium.An unbeatable show it starts at 19:30 till late!! The ticket includes a meal and first local drink. Don't miss this then. A night out with the international Marmaris Playgirls show. As you enjoy the entertainment, you can have chicken and chips served with salad and your first local drink are included. And we can arrange your pick up transfer services as you request. Tour Day : Every day  Transfer time : 19:00 - 19:30 till 24:00 Price Included : Transportation, full insurance , dinner, +1 local Drink Extras : Beverages, snacks , photo , dvd What do I bring along : Camera Note: We will be meet you at the your hotel and our all excursions pick up and drop back service from hotel included price.

Child: 40.00 TL Adult: 80.00 TL
Turkish night show

Turkish night show-Available on Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Sunday

When you are in Marmaris, one entertainment you should certainly join and enjoy is Turkish Night Show.Folk And Pop Music, Traditional and Modern Folk Dances from the mosaic of different cultures in Turkey.Learn to Jiggle the Belly with the Belly Dancers, Sample the Excellent Turkish Cuisine, Unlimited Local Drinks.All this in one evening at a tremendous setting with a colourful program. You will surely want to be in one with TRAVELSHOP TURKEY.DAILY TURKISH NIGHT SHOW MARMARIS INCLUDES:

Child: 45.00 TL Adult: 90.00 TL
Turkish Bath-ANYTIME

Turkish bath

If you're after the perfect tan during your holiday in Marmaris , one of the best ways to start it off is with a trip to the traditional Turkish bath(known in Turkey as a 'Hamam' - a steam, massage and scrub.Turkish Baths have been part of Turkish custom for many, many years. Don't visit Turkey without partaking in one of its oldest customs!  If you’ve never tried a hammam, or Turkish bath, before, you’re in for a bit of a surprise. It leaves you feeling incredibly clean and gets your skin in great condition for a lasting tan. First you head into the hammam - essentially a steam room - where you relax as the warm steam softens your skin and eases out the toxins. Next, you’ll lie on a heated marble slab where you’ll be given an exfoliating body scrub and a massage in olive oil soap. Once you’ve had time to cool off, you’ll leave feeling wonderfully fresh and relaxed.      THİS TRIP INCLUDES;

Child: 10.00 TL Adult: 20.00 TL
Dolphin park-EVERYDAY

Dolphin park

Dolphins very friendly,come meet a dolphin,get a diffeent memory for you and for your children.The Dolphinarium in Marmaris is a sea floating Dolphin park which is 5km away from Marmaris.İt s open all year long and during the day in summer there are 4 different programms for guests who  are looking for a different experience.Session times are daily at 09:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 17:00. Each session last about 40 minutes.Swimming under 9 years old is not possible.Children between 9 and 15 years old only in accompany with one paying adult in the water.PRICES:Meet a Dolphin in groups (ADULT PRICE 50€ /40 £ ; CHILDREN 3-9 YEARS (40€ /32 £): if you have always wanted the chance to touch a dolphin,this is for you.Join the trainer on the platform to shake flippers with your new dolphin friend.Enjoy little games,play ring and ball with the dolphin and experience the pleasure to feed,touch and kiss.Visiting Dolphins (ADULT PRICE 15€/13£ ; CHILDREN 6-10 YEARS (10 € /7£): 40 min watching the Dolphins and enjoying their behaviour while other tourists are swimming or meeting with them.You can take your own photos free of charge. However, we have also professional photographers who take photos and you can buy this photos in a cd.Swimming with Dolphins  (SWIM IN GROUPS max10 People 30 MIN  80€/75£     Toucking, kissing and loving them,little water games and animation,splashing and pulling through the water with full enjoyment.PROGRAMMES

Child: 25.00 TL Adult: 50.00 TL


village tour

village tour Available on TUESDAY - FRIDAY - SUNDAY

A bus journey with professional guide along outskirts of Marmaris.Get out of Marmaris,visit Bayır village,Turgut village ,waterfall,a monumental tree,visit a mosque and Turkish house ,meet with local people and learn how they live.This tour start around 9 pm with a pick up in front of your hotel.After a panoramic drive over mountains around Marmaris,a refreshment break at Jesus beach.You can stroll,swim or drink something at cafeteria.Next drive throgh Orhaniye village,see the school,houses and animals wandering,your guide will give interesting informations about life in village while driving.Next drive to waterfall for a refreshing break among the pine and oak trees,swim in waterfall in you dare because it s freezing.After waterfall have a nice meal in a restaurant.Meal is included ,drinks are extra pay.After meal a visit to carpet factory where women from village work ,see the carpets ,get information and drive to Bayır village to visit mosque,Turkish house and monumental plane tree.Drive back to Marmaris and drop off to hotels arond 17.00pm

Child: 30.00 TL Adult: 60.00 TL
Turtle Beach by coach

Turtle beach by coach EVERYDAY

Dalyan river is  just one hour away from Marmaris by a couch.Make a full day river cruise through Dalyan river,take beautiful photos all day, get a mud bath mixed with hot thermal water and swim in clear Mediterrean sea along the Turtle beach.Drive to riverside Dalyan for one hour by air conditioned modern buses and spend much of the day in river sailing where an American movie African Quenn filmed,relax on the protected area of loggerhead turtles. Leave Marmaris around 8:30 from your hotel and drive to Dalyan.About half an hour later comfort break for toilet and tea or breakfast ( own expenditure ) after 45 minutes more drive arrive Dalyan river that waves among the reeds and many birds,sail with a panoramic boat to protected area of Caretta Caretta Turtles . Next sail to Dalyan's sulphuric hot spring water,swim in hot bath or get a mud bath to get younger.Stay in thermal spring area 1 hour. Next get on your boat to sail along the river to the famous Turtle beach a protected area of loggerhead turtles.During the sail take great pictures,especially a photo break in front of rock cut king tombs will give to shot best photos of your holiday.Rock cut tombs were built in 4th century BC. On the beach you can stroll,swim,have a rest or get a sunbath .it s one of the best natural fine sandy beach in Europe. Turn back to your coaches and get rest driving back to Marmaris.Tour ends with a drop off  to hotels around 19.00 pm. WHATS İNCLUDED : transfer from hotel,professional local guide,lunch,enrance fees to mud bath and beachWHATS  EXTRA  :   drinks(available pruchase),personal expenditure 

Child: 35.00 TL Adult: 80.00 TL
Efes-Pamukkale 2 days

Efes-Pamukkale 2 days Available on THURSDAY - SUNDAY

A combination of two different tours in one package.First day visit ancient city of Ephesus,Temple of Artemis,House of virgin mary.After Ephesus drive to Pamukkale for 2 hours ,stay overnight in a hotel near Pamukkale.Second day after breakfast in your hotel,we drive Pamukkale for 5 minutes, be the first swimming in the Kleopatra pool or walk on the white terraces ,take beautiful photos and walk among the ruins of Ancient Hierapolis,see the largest cemetery of the ancient world in Hierapolis.So before it gets too hot complete all itineraries ,have open buffet lunch at restaurant and drive back to Marmaris.WHATS INCLUDEDWHATS EXTRA:   Personal expenditure,drinks at meals,swimm in Kleopatra pool in Pamukkale

Child: 150.00 TL Adult: 300.00 TL

Ephesus Available on THURSDAY-SUNDAY

Ephesus is one of the most glorious ancient cities in the was the capital of Asian province of Roman empire in 2nd century.An inspiring wonderful visit waiting for you.A Roman theater,Celsius library,Hercules gate,Roman baths and public latrines,love house,Hadrian Temple,Agora and great Roman street roads are in really good condition.Ephesus is totaly different than the other ruined cities.Ephesus stays alive with its many building.Your guide will give you detailed information and tell historic stories about Ephesus.He will help you to imagine city while you walking in it.Ephesus was an important city for was one of the seven churches of revelations mentioned in Holly Bible.Virgin Mary is believed to spend her last days in her house near Ephesus.You will have chance to visit House of Virgin Mary during this tour. Tour begins early in the morning with pick up from your hotel.after one hour drive a break for Turkish breakfast in Mugla.After breakfast Ephesus is 2 hours drive.On the way guide is giving detailed information about tour programme and Turkey itself.Spend 3 hours at Ephesus.Lunch is in a fine restaurant near s open buffet.After lunch drive up to House of Virgin Mary.on the way see the ruins of Temple of Artemis,one of the seven wonders of the world.Drive back to marmaris and arrive about 19.30CHİLDREN AGED BETWEEN 0-12 MUST HAVE PASSPORTS WİTH THEM.WHATS İS İNCLUDED:    breakfast,entrance fees for Ephesus ancient city and house of virgin mary,open buffet lunch,guiding service,insuranceWHAT İS EXTRA   :  Personal expenditure,drinks at lunch timeWHAT TO BRİNG:    walking shoes,hat,camera,sun cream

Child: 90.00 TL Adult: 180.00 TL